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How do I resolve an issue with a customer’s missing refund?

Your actions will depend on where the original payment and the refund were done. For POS terminal transactions:If the refund was made within the last 24 hours: If the refund …

How can I get another POS terminal for my business?

To acquire additional terminals, reach out to your current terminal supplier. If you don’t have their contact details, let us know at [email protected] and our support team will provide it for you.

How to fix printing issues for my PAX terminal?

If you’re encountering issues with your terminal’s receipt printing, such as missing or unclear text, try the following solutions: In case you notice any physical damage, contact your terminal supplier …

My PAX terminal is showing the message “MAC Invalid”

The error message “MAC Invalid” indicates that the POS terminal’s keys are out of sync with the acquirer systems. This may occur after a system or application update and requires …

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