Paynt Portal

Our Acquiring-as-a-Service platform is developed
with your needs in mind. So you can focus
on what matters the most.

Advanced tech for a smoother flow

Based on cloud architecture and accessible through any device, our platform represents the next evolution of the Acquirer/ISO/ISV relationship, providing end-to-end payment infrastructure.

It automates and streamlines key back-office functions necessary to successfully manage a payments portfolio. From merchant onboarding and activation to creation of revenue reports, settlement summaries and customer maintenance – we help to simplify your operations.

A game-changing onboarding module

Onboarding merchants quickly and efficiently is crucial to scaling any payments business. And our platform helps to do exactly that. Through integrated compliance checks and automated merchant KYC, it decreases application processing time.
Easy-to-use widget based dashboards allow you to track performance and give quick data insights showing you where to focus your attention to get them across the line.

Powerful insights in reporting module

The reporting module is designed to give a comprehensive real-time view of your client portfolio on an in-depth and granular level for all transactions, enabling you to optimise your business performance. Generate on-demand BI reports to:

  • analyse revenue on a transactional level;
  • track sales by currency, product, payment type, geography;
  • see in-depth chargeback data;
  • review transaction and billing details;
  • monitor fraud and mitigate risks.

You also have access to the Merchant Interface that provides a complete view of each merchant’s activities and allows you to support your customers better.

User management

We understand that you might have specific needs when it comes to user rights of specific employees, meaning what tasks they can perform and what information they can access. This is why we have created customizable roles to make it easier for you to support your colleagues in their different roles.

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