Independent Sales Organizations

Start earning faster by activating merchants in minutes. Rely on our advanced platform and support to build lasting relationships with them.

Onboard merchants with the speed that you need

The growth of your business depends on how fast and efficient is your onboarding process. Through integrated compliance checks and automated merchant KYC, our platform provides several important benefits:

  • shorter application processing time
  • same day technical set up
  • less strain on your sales agents

You’ll have full visibility of each merchant’s status throughout the application process, ensuring you can assist them where needed to get the merchants up and running faster. Speed to market means shorter time to revenue.

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Easy to personalize and get started

With Paynt’s off-the-shelf solutions and ready-to-use web interface there is no need for complicated integrations and you can start using Paynt right away. Customize the appearance of our whitelabel platform to reflect your company’s visual identity, thus creating a consistent and impactful brand image in the eyes of your customers. We work with you and for you, staying in the background and helping you build stronger relationships with your merchants.

Improve merchant retention with our suite of solutions

Your customers demand more comprehensive and advanced solutions – and we are here to deliver. Paynt can offer everything your merchants need to run a successful ecommerce or brick and mortar business:

  • access to global network of card schemes and popular payment methods
  • payment acceptance capabilities for online, in-store and mobile purchases
  • extensive list of plug-ins, shopping carts and ePOS integrations
  • real time performance data and customisable reports
  • easy-to-use merchant interface 
  • advanced fraud prevention mechanisms

On top of that, you will also have access to merchant performance data and account information (incl. settlement invoices, payment dates and amounts, transaction details and chargeback data), allowing you to better support them when needed.

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