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How should I act when I receive a dispute/chargeback?

First of all, you can either accept or decline the chargeback. Accepting a chargeback means that you agree with the cardholder’s/issuer’s claim and agree to the financial loss of the …

What are the most common terms used when talking about chargebacks and disputes?

Chargeback or Dispute. When the buyer is unhappy with the purchase, has not received it or it was not as described, he/she can submit a request to his/her bank that issued …

Why is the chargeback amount different from the transaction amount?

The chargeback amount can vary when the card’s issuing country and merchant’s country differ.  For example, if an American client purchases something online from a European merchant and completes checkout …

How do I resolve an issue with a customer’s missing refund?

Your actions will depend on where the original payment and the refund were done. For POS terminal transactions:If the refund was made within the last 24 hours: If the refund …

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