SoftPOS - Paynt

Turn a smartphone into
a mobile payment terminal!

Expand your business by accepting card payments quickly, securely and cost-efficiently.

Get started in a few easy steps

SoftPOS application can be easily installed on any mobile device with Android 8.1 or higher with NFC and internet access. It allows you to accept payments with contactless cards, digital wallets (e.g. Google Pay, Apple Pay) and wearables, thus ensuring smoother checkout experience and reduced queues. All you have to do is complete a registration form and download the app – yes, it’s that simple.

Widely applicable payment solution

SoftPOS is a perfect ready-made solution for many small and medium merchants. There is no need to purchase expensive hardware that locks you in a long-term contract. SoftPOS is especially useful if mobility is essential for the operations:

  • Events, festivals, pop up shops
  • Street food outlets and markets
  • Tradesmen and craftsmen
  • Fitness and wellness
  • Couriers, taxis
  • And more

Simple, yet versatile

SoftPOS comes with number of useful features:

  • End of day revenue reporting in app
  • Detailed performance insights in our web based merchant portal
  • Creating product catalogs directly in the application
  • Sending customer receipts to email or sharing through QR code

The security of our app is approved by Visa and Mastercard, and it meets all industry requirements for safety and data protection. Payments are processed with the EMV standard (L3 certificate) and sensitive cardholder data is never stored on your mobile device.

Need something more custom?

But if you need a more customized approach, SoftPOS functionality can also be embedded in your existing solutions through the use of simple SDK and in-app API. That allows you to adjust our tech to your needs and create bespoke onboarding flow, performance and settlement reporting and more. Besides, we’ll provide assistance to you throughout the whole development and set-up process to help you “go live” faster.

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