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SoftPOS – an opportunity to grow your business!

Gain competitive advantage, attract more merchants, and increase revenue by expanding your product offering.

The latest innovation in the point-of-sale payments field

SoftPOS is a software-based solution that turns smart mobile devices into payment terminals and allows accepting contactless payments from EMV cards and digital wallets (e.g. Google Pay, Apple Pay). With Paynt’s automated onboarding flow merchant accounts can be activated within minutes. It only requires downloading the application on an Android device with operating system at least 10.0, NFC feature and internet access, and logging in with provided credentials.

Widely applicable payment solution

SoftPOS is a perfect ready-made solution for many small and medium merchants. It is a simpler and more affordable alternative to traditional, expensive payment processing hardware (terminals) and it doesn’t require a complicated, long-term contract. SoftPOS is especially useful in situations where mobility and scalability is essential for the operations:

  • Cafes, street food outlets, and markets
  • Events, festivals, pop-up shops
  • Tradesmen and craftsmen
  • Fitness and wellness service providers
  • Couriers, taxi drivers, delivery companies
  • And more

Simple, yet versatile

The SoftPOS functionality goes well beyond accepting payments, allowing merchants to:

  • Generate receipts (send to email or as SMS, create a QR code, print through connected printer)
  • Refund all or part of the payment
  • Void payment
  • See real-time sales reports
  • Access detailed performance insights in our web-based merchant portal

The security of our solutions is approved by Visa and Mastercard, and they meet all industry requirements for safety and data protection. Payments are processed with the EMV standard (L3 certificate) and sensitive cardholder data is never stored on the mobile devices.

Why launch SoftPOS with Paynt?

Because we are ready to meet your SoftPOS needs! In collaboration with industry-certified technology providers we have developed a best-in-class product and acquired all necessary certifications, now offering you a number different solutions:

  • Paynt Now app is already available on Google Store, and it is the simplest and most cost-effective solution to start accepting contactless payments within just one day.
  • White Label solution offers broader customization options so you can add your branding to the app, but this does take a little longer setup time.
  • SDK (software development kit) is the most advanced solution which allows you to integrate payment acceptance within your own app and develop it exactly as you want.
  • App Switch allows you to attach SoftPOS solution to your existing existing POS app or other app and initiate contactless payment directly from it.
  • Web to App – merchants already have their website and if the URL is opened on a mobile device, when proceeding to checkout, this solution may call the SoftPOS app where the customer can complete the purchase and return to the website.

Whichever option you choose, we’ll provide full end-to-end support to help you launch your softPOS solution to your merchants in the quickest time possible.

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