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Paynt Funding – not your ordinary bank loan!

Take advantage of our embedded cash advance solution and borrow funds easily against your future revenue.

Don’t let money
hold you back

Having easy access to funds can sometimes be crucial for small and medium sized businesses. Whether it is just to add a bit more liquidity to operational cash flow or to invest in growth – we ensure the money is not the show-stopper. That is why we have partnered up with several third-party financing companies and developed a fully integrated solution to provide pre-approved business funding offers for merchants using our platform.

Simple. Flexible. Transparent.

Getting some extra money has never been this easy. Merchants can apply for a cash advance directly from Paynt Portal in just a few clicks, without additional KYC procedures or paperwork.

Paynt Funding offers flexibility that traditional loans usually don’t have. The repayment amount dynamically adjusts to merchant’s revenue based on the agreed rate. No more worrying about fixed monthly installments or loan maturity deadlines.

Furthermore, our offers are straightforward and easy-to-understand. There is only one fixed funding fee, the total repayment amount is clear from the start and remains unchanged until the total sum is paid back.

More benefits!

  • get up to two times of the monthly revenue;
  • funding is unsecured – no collateral required;
  • automated repayments deducted from your payouts;
  • Paynt Funding dashboard providing complete overview at any time.

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