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Unlock new revenue streams with our easy-to-integrate payment processing solutions and scale your business faster by automating merchant onboarding.

Everything you need in one place

There are a lot of components when it comes to payment solutions. Paynt will deliver everything you need and you can decide to use as much or as little of our solutions depending on your existing software offering:  

  • Fast and heavily automated customer onboarding
  • Omni-channel payment processing capabilities in any currency
  • Popular payment methods and embedded plugins
  • Fraud detection and risk monitoring system
  • Customizable real-time analytics and reporting
  • Interface for merchants and tools for their support
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You have the control to get what you want

We understand that every business is unique. Some want us to deliver a full set of APIs so they can themselves incorporate all they need into their software platform. Others require our help and want to integrate only certain solutions. Whichever applies to your business, we are there for you. Our experts will coach you along the way and help you personalize your client experience – creating tailored onboarding flow, customizing the reports, providing branded interface for merchants and more. 

Explore new income streams with our solutions

With Paynt you can focus on how to grow your business faster whilst we take care of the heavy lifting. Our solutions can benefit you in multiple ways:

  • Improve the customer acquisition and retention by providing them with 360° payments acquiring services
  • Earn a share of the revenue from every payment transaction that your partners process through our system
  • Expand into new territories with no additional costs and compliance worries relying on our expertise on the requirements and the specifics of local payment industries
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