Offering the right product or service at the right time and place is essential for business growth, but that’s not the only step toward success. The customer experience throughout the buying journey is just as important. 

Friction in the payment process can lead to frustration and erode trust, ultimately driving customers away. But there is an exciting upgrade in the market!

The next wave of payment acceptance capabilities

It’s no surprise that SoftPOS, the latest innovation that is revolutionizing the POS industry, was last year’s buzzword. With 2023 set to be its prime time, SoftPOS is quickly becoming the go-to choice for merchants of all sizes and industries.

This software-based solution democratizes payment acceptance by allowing anyone to use a mobile device to accept contactless payments from EMV cards, digital wallets, and smartwatches.

Whether it’s a trusty smartphone or a sleek tablet, SoftPOS will turn it into a payment terminal. Exciting, right?

Not only does SoftPOS eliminate the need for costly and bulky POS terminals, but it also reduces ongoing maintenance costs. Its simplicity and flexibility allow for easy payment processing anywhere, anytime. This makes SoftPOS the ideal solution for businesses looking to boost sales, cut expenses, and enhance customer experience.

While it’s currently only available on Android devices, iOS users will be able to get their hands on it later this year, further expanding reach and accessibility of SoftPOS.

One-for-All solution

SoftPOS is built to meet the needs of everyone – small, medium-sized, and large enterprises – whether your merchants need mobility and functionality for their daily business operations or an extra payment device for a weekend pop-up market.  

Let’s look at some of the industries and situations that can benefit from SoftPOS!


  1. At traditional checkout counters to speed up transactions and reduce lines
  2. During in-store events, such as pop-up shops and trade shows
  3. During curbside pickups or delivery orders
  4. During high-traffic sales, such as Black Friday or other seasonal events to handle the increased volume of customers
  5. As a backup solution in case of existing terminal failures, ensuring that the business can continue to process payments without interruption

Service providers

  1. Home repair and maintenance professionals, such as electricians and plumbers can accept payments on the spot
  2. Cleaning professionals, who offer general housekeeping and other cleaning services
  3. Lawn care and landscape professionals
  4. Healthcare and personal care professionals, such as physical therapists, nurses, fitness trainers, massage therapists, and even hairdressers
  5. In-home teachers, and other service providers

Hospitality & Food

  1. Hotels, resorts, and vacation rentals
  2. Tour and activity providers
  3. Museums and cultural attractions (for tickets, tours, etc)
  4. Bars and pubs
  5. Restaurants, cafes, and event catering companies


  1. Home-based party and event entertainers
  2. Event venues, concerts, and festivals
  3. Theaters and cinemas
  4. Game venues and arcades


  1. At fundraising events (walkathons, galas or auctions)
  2. At community events (festivals, parades or fairs)
  3. In religious institutions (churches, synagogues or mosques)
  4. At educational institutions (schools and universities) 
  5. And through different organizations, such as NGOs, health-related charities, cultural organizations, political organizations, or social service organizations

Mobility Services

  1. Taxi, ride-sharing services, and rentals (car, scooters, e-bikes)
  2. Traffic police may accept penalty fees on the spot
  3. Ferries and water taxis
  4. Airlines, airports, flight attendants
  5. Public transportation

The list goes endless and that’s the magic of SoftPOS – anyone can use it!

Closing note

In collaboration with industry-certified technology providers, we offer three different SoftPOS solutions to meet your merchant’s needs. 

A simple Paynt Now app ready to download on Google Store. More complex and customizable option White Label. And Software Development Kit that allows integrating payment acceptance capabilities with your merchants existing systems and developing a custom app. 

Gain a competitive advantage, attract more customers, and increase your revenue by expanding your product portfolio with a new and easy-to-access payment solution that can be enabled for merchants within minutes.
Our team provides a full end-to-end process and support to help bring your merchants on board. Reach out to our SoftPOS Product Manager at [email protected] to learn more about our offering.

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