Automate every
step of the way.
Scale fast with our
superior tech stack.

Automate back-office operations with unparalleled
efficiency and automation in mind.

Smart Boarding

  • Simplified and intuitive application
  • Flexible Pricing templates
  • Online App Link generation
  • Customisable application flows
  • Increased application conversion
  • Full onboarding visibility

Advanced Commission Reporting

  • In depth revenue reporting
    • by transaction
    • by individual user
    • by merchant
  • Data insight allowing you to review profitability and optimise merchant pricing 

Online Merchant Portal

Give your merchants control with
performance dashboards

  • Settlement reporting
  • Real-time balances
  • Statement history
  • Transaction data
  • Virtual payment terminal

Payment Gateway for the omnichannel age

  • Seamless account set up
  • Secure cross-border payments
  • Real-time transaction reports
  • Chargeback reporting and dispute resolution
  • Intelligent real-time fraud management
  • Extensive plugins
  • Mobile wallets

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