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Embedded lending solutions for online as well as brick and mortar merchants.

Don’t let money
hold you back

Having easy access to extra funds can sometimes be crucial for small and medium sized businesses. Whether it is just to add a bit more liquidity to operational cash flow or to invest in growth – we ensure the money is not the show-stopper. That is why we have partnered up with several third-party financing companies and developed a fully integrated, embedded solution to provide pre-approved loan offers for merchants using our platform.

How will it work?

Merchants can borrow up to three times their monthly revenue at the individually agreed percentage rate and repayments can be made over a period of 18 months*. With our automated and data driven credit assessment Paynt will ensure a simple and fast process for merchant approval:

  • one-click application and instant multiple loan offers based on merchant’s processing history;
  • no additional KYC process or paperwork;
  • automated loan repayments deducted from daily processing and adjusted to merchant’s performance;
  • clear and simple account management portal – providing easy access to view outstanding loan amounts, repayments made and new promotional offers.

* Subject to approval

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